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My best friend and I were so excited to transfer to our new apartment which was situated miles away from home. The only problem was how we can move some of our furniture and other stuff. We don’t even have the slightest idea what we need for our move and were on a tight budget. Good thing, one of our neighbours referred to us this company which we immediately got hold on to. We were so pleased the cost was within our budget and of course, the move was fast and we moved in right away in less than a week.
----Miya, sanfrancisco

I was really anxious to try a new moving company to move some of my priced collections. My expectations are quite high because of the value of the pieces that need to be moved from one state to the other. I have the most unique experience with this exceptional company. They worked professionally and they have the knowledge and equipment in handling my pieces. Once it reached my office I was astound to see everything as what I have expected it to be. What made me even happier is there constant update of your items whereabouts.
----Eden, sanfrancisco

I never would have seen it coming, but from years with different movers, I’ve finally found the one with the most exceptional services I experienced. From the start, they have the most affordable moving costs that really coincide with my budget. The person whom I spoke to fills me with knowledge and ideas that I may need with my move not to mention other materials that I haven’t known. Even gave me some tips before they would pick and pack my stuff. What matters most to me is that they work professionally with less clutter and clean as they go.
---- Alex, sanfrancisco

The most amazing thing I didn’t expect during my move is that, aside from packing my things up and dismantling some of my furniture, they simple rebuild it when we reached my new place. I was extremely thankful because I would never rebuild it in just a few hours myself.
----Stiv, sanfrancisco

Their estimate is stated accurately everything from start to finish without those senseless hidden charges. And most importantly, they worked with my budget but I got their utmost service I ever experienced.
----Ron, sanfrancisco

Service very satisfactory. They cared for my goods including the delicate ones with caution like it were their own. Everything arrived in good condition, no damages at all. Customer service was all you could dream for, they've got a very good staff. Highly recommended based on my experience with them "RELIABLE" is the perfect word. Their service didn't cost an arm or leg; modest price. Keep it up!
----Joan Micheal, sanfrancisco

Excellent service, I love SF Moving. Delivery was on time. I never panicked, because they stayed in constant communication with me and provided numerous updates. My goods arrived in same condition as it was when I bought them, even the delicate materials were still intact. What more can I say; Customer service was very okay, I'll definitely recommend this guys to anyone looking for a trustworthy Moving company. Thank you SF Moving for a job well done!
----Lisa Gray, sanfrancisco

I am very satisfied with my recent move with SF Moving ! They were very gentle with all of my belongings and incredibly friendly. They were on time and very professional, which put me at ease during my stressful move. They treated my things as if they were their own and were very careful so that everything arrived at my new place just how it was before! I would also like to commend them on their professional organizational skills- everything was packed and labeled so neatly! They even assembled my furniture as well! The move was very fast and easy and I owe it all to SF Moving!
----Michael Brooks, sanfrancisco

This really was the best moving experience I've ever had. Very gentle with our belongings and considerate of our time. I was very satisfied with their work and would most definitely recommend them!
----Nicky Bryan, sanfrancisco